6 Pack Cold Beverage Starter Kit.


The Ultimate Cold Beverage Flavor System
100% Flavor Customization. Offer your customers incredible new flavored beverage variety and complete customization of their cup with MINISYRUP. Similar to a flavoring extract, MiniSyrup White Label flavors any sweetened or unsweetened iced tea or fountain beverage without adding any additional sugar, sweetener, milk, cream, or artificial/natural sweeteners, giving your customers control over the exact amount of flavor in their beverage, and a proven taste profile that will keep them coming back for more.

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This kit includes:

1 Black Powder Coated Three Bottle Stand (Perfect for full service use)
NEW Double-Sided Header Card Point-Of-Purchase with Convenient Acrylic Holder
NEW Base POP With Convenient, Spill-proof Acrylic Holder
5 Minute Setup Instructions
6 Bottles of MiniSyrup (Enough to flavor 3,000 cups of brewed coffee and dispensed beverages) Cherry MiniSyrup, Mango MiniSyrup, Raspberry MiniSyrup, Strawberry Kiwi MiniSyup